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Wrap yourself in a Kokoon, the $15,000 stackable home of the future

Prefabricated homes are becoming increasingly more popular with architects around the world. These modular designs can be conveniently shipped and then assembled on-site as a more affordable alternative to traditional construction methods.

Kokoon is a three-story home developed as part of the annual Wood Program project by students at the Aalto University School of Arts Design and Architecture in Helsinki, Finland. The students began the design process in January and construction was completed in July. Kokoon was unveiled in Otaniemi, Finland, and is currently being displayed at the Museum of Finnish Architecture in Helsinki. As noted by the design team, Kokoon was created as a temporary housing solution for asylum seekers, homeless individuals, and those simply seeking short-term shelter.

Kokoon is composed of three “stackable” modules. These modules can be situated in an array of configurations both vertically and horizontally, giving Kokoon plenty of versatility. Similarly, the interior of each module is customizable for optimal utilization. The lone prototype includes a bathroom, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, storage, and workspace.

The prototype has a rather minimal area of only 377 square feet. However, the home looks and feels exceedingly more spacious due to its sophisticated, utilitarian design. The interior features the welcome aesthetic of untreated wooden panels and furnishings. Large timber skylights overhead let in ample natural light on each floor. What’s most impressive is the total time of construction. Kokoon can be fully assembled in less than a day.

The prefabricated modular home is still in the prototype phase, so unfortunately Kokoons are not available for sale at this time. When that time comes, the designers estimate the cost of a fully assembled Kokoon to be roughly $15,000. The team plans to showcase Kokoon in locations across Finland over the next few years to pique interest in the project.

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