This amazing cardboard creation puts your cat in the White House

Give a cat a cardboard box and it’ll either sit in it or systematically destroy it. A Dutch company making cardboard playhouses for cats sincerely hopes it’s the former, and looking at its extraordinary creations, you can understand why.

The exquisitely named Poopy Cat has designed seven cardboard versions of famous landmarks from around the world, each one geared toward providing a fun place for your feline friend – or any small pet for that matter – to play.

The adorable designs include the White House “for cats with political ambition or an oversized ego,” Eiffel Tower, Sphinx, Kremlin, Taj Mahal, a Mayan temple, and a pagoda.

poopy cat play houses

A neat touch is the inclusion of some kind of toy in each of the playhouses. The Eiffel Tower, for example, includes an elevator in which you can place a small snack, which your cat can nab if it shakes the attached string.

Poopy Cat says its cardboard landmarks are quick and simple to construct, and claims its most complex design – the  Kremlin – can be set up in five minutes.

Environmentally conscious cats will be pleased to know the product is constructed from recycled cardboard. And owners concerned that their pet might try to shred the Eiffel Tower or tear up the White House shouldn’t worry – each design is made with “super thick” cardboard which means that unless your pet has specialized knowledge in demolition and access to dynamite, the playhouse should last for some time. Hopefully.

Poopy Cat is currently raising funds for its “Landmark” playhouses on Kickstarter, and the team is now more than half way to its €30,000 ($34,000) funding goal. The early-bird specials have already been snapped up, though a €39 ($44) pledge will see the Landmark design of your choice delivered to your door in July.

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