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Lenovo’s cute Smart Clock 2 now comes with a wireless charger for your phone

It was very easy to fall for Lenovo’s cute Smart Clock, the small-screen, Google Assistant-powered gadget perfect for the bedside table, and now Lenovo has brought out an updated sequel. It doesn’t just have a new design either, because the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 comes with an added feature: A wireless charging plinth for your phone, boosting its space-saving usefulness.

The wireless charging plinth attaches to the bottom of the Smart Clock 2, providing space off to the side of the clock to rest your phone and let the battery charge overnight. Although Lenovo has added the wireless charging dock, it has not forgotten that not all phones have wireless charging, and has left a USB Type-A port on the back of the dock for those who need to charge their phones overnight using a cable.

Cleverly, Lenovo has integrated a soft, ambient night light into the section directly under the Smart Clock, which can be turned on or off with a swipe of the screen, rather than disturbing someone else in the room with a voice command. It adds to the cool new design highlighted by the speaker position under the screen, which is emphasized by the fabric-wrapped body. It comes in either grey, blue, or black colors.

The 4-inch LCD screen on the front is set at an angle and above a pair of 1.5-inch, front-facing 3W speakers, along with a far-field microphone. It’s never going to be an audio powerhouse, but it’s ideal for use in the bedroom or anywhere short on space, where most will use it for voice or an alarm. Google Assistant is ready to carry out all the usual voice commands.

Lenovo has priced the Smart Clock 2 at 90 euros, which converts over to about $108, making it considerably more expensive than the original $50 Smart Clock. Lenovo does say the wireless charging dock is optional, so expect the Smart Clock 2 to be available at a lower price without it. The release date will be sometime in August, but the price and availability for the U.S. has yet to be confirmed. We’ll update here when we have the information.

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