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Get no-stress, hands-free cleaning with LG’s CordZero and save big

This content was produced in partnership with LG Electronics.

Cleaning, or more specifically vacuuming your home, is one of those tasks that can be tedious, and genuinely unenjoyable, and yet we all have to do it. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a studio apartment or a single-family home, cleaning is a must to get rid of dust, dirt, and other things you track inside. If you have pets or kids, then you’ll also be cleaning up fur, pet dander, and various messes — maybe even food or snack spills. With the right tools, like LG’s All-in-One Cordless Stick Vacuum, the entire process is faster and more convenient.

Available with an auto-empty dock, that both automatically charges the unit between uses and keeps the dustbin free and clear of debris, the CordZero Stick Vacuum is a real game-changer when it comes to keeping any space clean. The unique Kompressor technology compresses dirt and dust, fitting more in the dustbin, and allowing you to clean with less stopping, especially thanks to the extended battery life. Normally $849, you can save 30% when you use promo code VAC30, bringing the price down to $594. Plus, you’ll receive a free Total Tool Care kit, which includes several add-ons for the vacuum like a mattress tool, flexible crevice tool — to get into hard-to-reach places — and extendable hose. That deal is only valid between May 26 and May 29, so don’t waste any time if you’re interested.

Meanwhile, let’s take a closer look at how LG’s CordZero reimagines hands-free and convenient cleaning.

Hands-free and convenient cleaning, reimagined

A937KGMS LG CordZero stick vacuum in handheld mode cleaning messes.

With your average vacuum, cordless or not, you’re constantly moving back and forth between where you’re cleaning and where you’re emptying the dustbin. Moreover, you only have a limited time to clean before you have to charge again, or, if you’re using a corded vacuum, you’re limited by how far the electric cord can reach. Neither scenario is appealing. Emptying the dustbin can also create quite a mess, with debris falling all over the place and potentially even getting all over you and your clothes.

The LG CordZero changes all of that, every last bit. It automatically empties the dustbin for you when you dock it. All debris goes into an easily-swappable bag, inside the dock, which you toss when it’s full. Better yet, 120 minutes of runtime per charge offers virtually uninterrupted performance and use, so you can clean just about any size home or residence in one go.

The unit also quickly swaps between an extended wand-based vacuum with extra reach and a smaller handheld version for quick spot cleaning. Perhaps, more impressive, are all of the added features built into the unit which take your cleaning experience to a whole new level.

It features so much built-in

A937KGMS LG CordZero ThinQ app used to check vacuum status.

For starters, the dock has hidden tool storage, where you can tuck away all of the accessories and add-ons so they’re not cluttering up your home. They stay neatly out of sight when not in use, and any power-based accessories are recharged when docked — just like the vacuum. The dock makes it an ideal system for small living spaces too, because it helps to keep everything organized and out of the way. It mounts to a wall and is easy to install, and you get all of the necessary mounting hardware with the vacuum, as well.

Built-in WiFi allows the vacuum to connect to the LG ThinQ app to unlock even more diagnostics. For example, you can track your cleaning history, see diagnostic messages and statuses about the vacuum, and connect with LG agents at a moment’s notice when you have a question or concern. It may not seem too important, but when you’re always busy, it’s easy to forget the last time you cleaned, and what areas you covered. The smart features ensure you can keep track of all that, and much more.

But even if you’re not into the smart features, you’ll benefit from the 5-step filtration system — which filters about 99.99% of dust and dirt — as well as the washable cyclone and filters. When you need to, you can disassemble the related filters, clean them out, and then reinstall them for the next time you clean. It’s easily maintainable and ensures you can keep your vacuum running in tip-top shape for longer.

What about the Total Tool Care kit?

LG CordZero Total Care Tool Kit product image with attachments.

The current deal saves you 30% on the bundle that includes the CordZero All-in-One Cordless Vacuum and Auto Empty Dock, but for a limited time, it also nets you a free tool kit. Inside the kit are five separate tools, which help extend the use of your vacuum under various scenarios. You’ll get a mattress tool, hard dirt tool, multi-angle tool, flexible crevice tool, and an extendable hose to reach even further with the vacuum — like high up in ceiling corners or similarly out-of-reach areas.

Normally $849, the entire system is yours for $594 when you use promo code VAC30, between May 26 and May 29. The Total Care Kit would be an additional $150, so altogether you’re saving about $450 with this deal. That’s phenomenal. You know what else is phenomenal? Having such a versatile cordless vacuum that keeps the entire cleaning process super convenient, by doing things like automatically emptying the dustbin for you and keeping the battery charged up and ready-to-go. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Grab this offer before it’s gone.

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