LG Electronics Showcases Mendini Kimchi Fridge

Dios-fridgeLG Electronics showcases a new 2010 Dios stand-type kimchi refrigerator model designed by Alessandro Mendini, an Alessi designer and world-renowned Italian architect. It features an impressive design with lucid lights giving off multiple colors. Its display lightens or dims according to ambient light.

A free box is kept at two degrees Celsius lower than in other sections, so that users can also keep various other kinds of foods. Cold air at -4 degrees keeps kimchi refreshing every eight hours. The airtight covers in the mid and lower sections keep vegetables and fruit fresh.

Lock-and-lock containers, which obtained the eco-friendly HS Mark, keep the original taste of well-made kimchi. Each section can be converted to a cooler, a freezer or a storage box. Furnished with a third-generation linear compressor, LG’s Mendini kimchi fridge can lower its electricity consumption to 16.4kwh, the lowest level among all standing kimchi refrigerators.

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