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LG’s new A.I.-powered air conditioning makes your current AC look dumb

LG Electronics USA’s newly launched line of dual inverter window air conditioning units scored the first 2018 EPA Energy Star Emerging Technology Award, Dealerscope reported.

From the EPA’s perspective, the biggest deal about the new AC units is their increased energy efficiency due to dual inverter compressors, but that headline feature is just the start of the appliances’ tech chops. LG’s new room air conditioners also cut CO2 emissions, run relatively quietly, and respond to owner commands via a smartphone app, multiple voice assistants, or standard hand-held remote.

“Introducing the first variable output room air conditioner to the U.S. market is a significant energy-efficiency milestone, and we congratulate LG for earning the Energy Star 2018 Emerging Technology Award,” said the EPA’s Peter Banwell.

“The LG Dual Inverter window air conditioners are cutting edge units that will help consumers save on their energy bills and dramatically reduce CO2 emissions in a product category that is notorious for heavy energy consumption,” Banwell continued. “We look forward to working with LG to expand the use of this innovative technology in the years ahead.”

Like most motors and machinery, air conditioner compressors use more energy when they start up. Depending on the model, the variable-speed compressors in the new LG air conditioners result in 25-40 percent energy efficiency increases when compared to conventional AC units that fully stop and then have to restart the compressor. Variable operation capability also reduces CO2 emissions.

Another benefit of continuous variable operation is noise reduction. According to LG, the new motor and compressor design allows the units to operate at sound levels as low as 44 decibels — similar to the level of sound in a library.

The dual inverter AC units have onboard Wi-Fi, which opens how consumers can control the appliances remotely or from home. Using LG’s SmartThinQ smartphone app, owners can monitor and adjust room temperature and turn the airconditioners on or off.

Consumers who already use voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant will be pleased to learn LG’s new air conditioners are Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled. In addition, the AC units also come with LCD remote controllers, which can come in handy when your Wi-Fi is down.

There are three different LG window air conditioners with dual inverter compressors. The 14,000 BTU LG model LW1517IVSM is up to 25 percent more efficient than non-invertor models and lists for $470.

The 18,000 BTU LG model LW1817IVSM also operates with up to 25 percent greater efficiency and lists for $570.

The highest capacity cooling version, the 22,000 BTU LG model LW2217IVSM cuts energy use by up to 40 percent and lists for $650.

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