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Build your own Google Home with the latest issue of The MagPi

AIY Projects adds natural human interaction to your Raspberry Pi
Looking to use Google Assistant but don’t want to pay for a Google Home? In the latest issue of The MagPi, the Raspberry Pi foundation has included a free hardware kit from Google. By following the included instructions, subscribers can add voice interaction to their home.

Inside issue 57 of The MagPi, people will find a Google Voice Hardware Attached on Top (HAT) accessory board, a stereo microphone Voice HAT board, a large arcade button, and a selection of wires. Also included is a simple cardboard case to house all the components in.

Not included with the magazine is a Raspberry Pie 3, but these are relatively inexpensive. Once one has been acquired, all it needs is a software setup before it gains access to the Google Assistant SDK and Google Cloud Speech API.

The MagPi contains all the instructions needed to set up the makeshift Google Home and get it working properly. With Raspberry Pi, the project can easily be enhanced to make something better. For example, users could build a voice-controlled robot or a simple voice interface that answers any question thrown at it.

Aside from the included project, this latest issue also includes a number of tutorials. This month includes an introduction to programming with Minecraft Pi and ways to hack an Amazon Dash button. Additionally, the magazine is full of reviews, project showcases, and a guide to building the perfect makers’ toolbox.

If this is something that interests you, issue 57 should reach subscribers starting May 5. New subscriptions cost $129 for 12 issues and include the latest Pi Zero W, a case, and cable. Alternatively, The MagPi can be picked up at various stores in the UK including WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. In North America, it can be found at Barnes & Noble, or purchased online for about $8 from The PiHut where it is currently sold out. Digital versions without the free project kit are available as a free PDF download.

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