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McDonald's, UberEats to partner for delivery in Florida starting in January

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Soon in select McDonald’s across Florida, delivery will be a new option to get your fast food fix. This is thanks to a new partnership between UberEats and the company, and is initially planned for 200 stores in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.

Customers will be able to order through the UberEats app or online starting next month. Like other restaurants available through UberEats, the company’s $5 delivery charge applies to any order. As of right now, it’s unclear how long the test will last, or if this is part of a wider national rollout to happen later.

The fast food chain already delivers through Postmates and DoorDash. However, the service and delivery fees for larger orders are more expensive that UberEats. McDonald’s is also planning to launch an order-by-app option, where customers can order and pay ahead of time, and pick up from a local store.

While McDonald’s has spent a good deal of money on upgrading the interiors of its stores, its bread and butter is its drive thru. More than two thirds of its business is from drive-thru sales, indicating that convenience is a key driver of its sales.

Even so, the company lags far behind its competitors when it comes to options that make ordering easier. Taco Bell has offered order-by-app functionality for several years, and Domino’s has built a significant part of its business around online and in-app ordering — so McDonald’s has quite a bit of work to do before it’s on par with what’s available elsewhere. The move makes sense for demographic reasons as well: McDonald’s target demographic skews young, and the young are more technically inclined.

Neither McDonald’s nor UberEats were available for comment, however a Chicago Tribune story did note the deal had not yet been signed.

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