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Make sitting an active activity with the MÜV chair on Kickstarter

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Who says sitting has to be sedentary? Certainly not the team behind the MÜV chair, a new kind of seat that’s here to prove that you don’t have to sit still when you are sitting. This new-fangled chair promises to “keep your body active while you sit,” and encourages your fidgety habits, all in the name of health. After all, the MÜV team points out, sitting could kill you, citing a 2015 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine that suggested that a sedentary lifestyle increases our chances of falling victim to a disease or condition that could prove fatal.

But instead of asking you to stand all day, MÜV instead wants you to sit actively. While solutions like yoga balls have been around for awhile, they are not exactly the most sustainable fixes — indeed, the MÜV team notes, yoga balls don’t do much for encouraging good posture. Enter a brand new design.

“To keep your body and mind from falling asleep we found that the farther the pivot point is from the floor, the better,” the chair’s creators wrote on their Kickstarter page. So they placed that pivot point right under your seat. “A full 360-degree wobble causes instability, which engages your core, activates your mind, encourages your body to fidget, and promotes perfect posture,” the team claims. If that wasn’t enough in and of itself, MÜV also promises to give you a “powerful core-strengthening workout” all from your desk.

The chair itself has a tractor seat, which follows your contours of your behind, allowing for full core engagement. And MÜV’s pneumatic lift allows customers to adjust the height over five inches, which means it can suit just about any user.

So what can you expect from an engaging chair? According to the Kickstarter campaign, you can look forward to a toned midsection, increased flexibility, a calorie-burning boost, and more energy. If those sound like intriguing promises to you, you can check out MÜV for yourself for the early-bird price of $125.

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