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Nest acquires Revolv, adds a slew of new products to its smart home ecosystem

nest acquires revolv internet of things thermostat
It’s been nearly five months since Nest launched it’s Works With Nest developer program, and in that time, the company has been adding outside companies to its ecosystem at a feverish pace. There’s already a handful of different gizmos –everything from washing machines and fitness trackers, to security cameras and light bulbs– that work with the Nest’s products, and today it’s adding even more to the list. Here’s a quick rundown of the latest additions:

Iro — Designed by Denver-based startup Rachio, Iro is a smart sprinkler controller that allows you to control your lawn irrigation system from anywhere in the world via smartphone. It can also tap into local weather data and intelligently adjust your watering schedule if a storm just rolled through and did the job for you — thus saving you water. With this new integration, Iro will be able to turn on your sprinklers if Nest Protect detects smoke inside the house.

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Ivee — This gizmo is a voice-activated home assistant that, with this new Nest compatibility, will enable users to control connected devices with spoken commands. Too cold in the living room? Just shout out the temperature you’d prefer, and Nest will obey your command.

Internet-of-Things-Nest-thermostatWallyHome — These guys make a line of wireless moisture/climate sensors that help you detect leaks before they get too serious, and now that the sensors work inside the Nest ecosystem, the sensors can work with your thermostat to give it a more detailed read on the climate inside your home.

Pebble — Arguably one of the most notable addition is the infamous Pebble smartwatch. Leaf, a Pebble app that’s been around since earlier this year, is finally supported by Nest itself, which means users will now be able to monitor/control the temperature in their homes via their Pebble watches.

Life360 — Life360 is a free app that helps housemates keep track of each other via cellphone location tracking. With this new integration, the app will be able to tell your Nest thermostat when everyone is gone so it can turn off the heat

In addition to all these new gizmos in the ecosystem, Nest also announced today that it has acquired Revolv, a smart home company best known for its multi-protocol home automation hub. The news is still fairly recent at this point, but early reports suggest the move was more about acquiring Revolv’s employees than it was about getting the company’s technology or user base. It appears that Nest plans to leverage Revolv’s high-caliber team to expand the Works With Nest program even further, and work with more developers to add compatibility and capability between Nest and third-party products.

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