How to reset a Google Home Mini

Before you sell your Google Home Mini, here's how to factory reset it

With great sound and a plethora of features ranging from smart home control to the ability to act as a language interpreter, the Google Assistant-powered Home Mini gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The inexpensive Home Mini, which released in 2017, costs around $50 retail. But, you can often get a deal and purchase the device for around $30. Although the Echo Dot is the most popular small smart speaker, the Google Home Mini still captured around 11% of the U.S. smart home speaker market share as of early 2019.

In spite of the value, with all of the new smart speakers and displays coming onto the market, you might be staring at your Home Mini and thinking to yourself, “I wish I had a smart display,” or even “I wish I went with an Amazon Echo instead.”

If you’re thinking about swapping out your Home Mini for one of Google’s larger smart speakers or displays or for another brand of device entirely, you can get a few bucks in cash or trade-in value out of your device. You’ll need to factory reset your device first though. This guide includes information on how to factory reset your Google Home Mini, as well as info on how to sell or trade in your mini smart speaker.

How to reset your Google Home Mini

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Performing a factory reset

The reset button on your Home Mini is located below the power cord on the bottom of your device. Press and hold the reset button for about 15 seconds to factory reset your device. You have to manually press the button to perform a factory reset, as you cannot factory reset it using your voice or the Google Home app. This action will clear the data from the device, and it will get the device ready for a new setup.

Just need to reboot?

If you’re just looking to reboot your Home Mini, as opposed to performing a full-on factory reset, you just need to unplug the device, leave it unplugged for about one minute, and plug it back in. You can also go to the Google Home app, and go to Settings > Device Settings, then press the “More” button (the three dots), and then select Reboot.

Selling or trading in your Google Home Mini

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You can trade in your Google Home Mini at a few different retailers. For instance, Target offers about $4 for a working Google Home Mini. You can even trade it in at GameStop, and you can get around $7 in cash or trade-in (as of May 2019). Do you have a GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro Membership? Pro Members get a bit of extra cash. To trade in or sell your Home Mini at GameStop, make sure you have the power cord, as they specifically ask that you have the AC adapter. The benefits of selling or trading in your Home Mini at a site like GameStop are that the transaction is relatively quick and easy, and that you get the money fast. However, you won’t get as much money as you would if you sold the device directly to another person.

You can sell your Home Mini directly to someone else on sites like Swappa, eBay, or LetGo. The average sale price on Swappa is around $20, so you’ll get more than double the cash that you would at GameStop. But, along with the extra cash comes a bit more effort because you still have to create a listing and wait for an interested party who wants to purchase the device. If you’re willing to put in a bit of extra work, you can get a few extra bucks though.

Another option for getting rid of your device is simply giving it away. You can donate it, and potentially reap some benefit come tax season.

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