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Ninja’s new Woodfire Outdoor Grill and Smoker is already discounted

Ninja grill and smoker on a picnic table.
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It’s summer — time to start grilling! If you’re tired of the hassle of a charcoal grill, but you want something a bit smaller and easier to set up than a big propane grill, Ninja has a great option right in the middle. The Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill and Smoker, also called the 7-in-1 Master Grill, is a great multi-use option. It’s easy to set up and clean up, and it has a lot of different uses. It’s also on sale. Right now you can grab this Ninja grill for $323 after a $370 discount at Best Buy. Check it out below.

Why you should buy the Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill and Smoker

Summer is a great time to shop for grill deals. Big retailers like Home Depot and Best Buy are stocking up on the product, and they can’t sell all of them at full price. Best Buy’s cooking products are usually smaller, indoor kitchen appliances, and that’s actually a good way to describe this Master Grill. Like the best appliances in Best Buy’s Ninja Foodi deals and air fryer deals, the Master Grill is compact, multi-use, and easy to clean. It has a 141-square-foot cooking surface. That’s about 19 inches by 24 inches. It will fit right on whatever picnic bench or tailgate you have available. It’s fully electric, so you don’t have to carry around a heavy propane tank. Instead, plug it into closest 15-amp outlet. The smoky flavor comes from Ninja brand wood pellets you add while you’re heating up the grill.

Obviously it’s a grill and smoker, but what are the other five functions? It has an air crisp function, which lets you use the air fryer fan to add a nice crunchy layer onto whatever you’ve just cooked. It also bakes, broils and roasts like a normal oven or grill, but if you apply the Ninja Wood pellets, you’ll infuse everything with a smoky flavor. The final setting is dehydrate, something Ninja Foodi’s are famous for. All in all, it’s basically the grill version of the Ninja Foodi, and it will do everything a Foodi does besides rice, soups and pressure cooking.

The Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill and Smoker just got its first discount of the summer season. Grab it at Best Buy before your first camping trip or tailgate for $323 and save $47 off the full price.

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