Want a smart home without a big investment? This $30 smart outlet might be for you

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Coffee’s on! Even if you don’t have a smart coffee maker, there are lots of smart outlets waiting to turn your dumb devices into Internet-connected ones that you can operate from bed. That includes Nyrius‘s Smart Outlet, which allows users to handle routine tasks like switching on and off lights, air conditioners, or laptops using an iOS or Android device.

The outlet’s makers wanted it to be extremely easy to use. Plug the Bluetooth-enabled device in to your existing outlet, and once an appliance is plugged in, you’re in control, from up to 33 feet away. You can also pre-schedule your appliance operations using a custom timer. Select times you would like Nyrius to activate and deactivate for daily chores, such as turning the toaster on or shutting off the entryway lights. The smart device works even when you’re beyond Bluetooth range.

Nyrius smart outlet appWhat’s pretty unique is the outlet’s special proximity control feature. If you enable the feature, the Nyrius outlet senses when your phone is out of range and turns off the device. This isn’t something you want for the coffee maker, but it’s a neat idea for lights. Because it operates hublessly and relies on Bluetooth, the plug itself is a bit bulky. Based on the pictures, you’d be able to plug one in to your outlet and use the second outlet as you would normally.

The Canadian-based development team has raised over $2,000 of their $15,000 goal on Kickstarter. Early bidders can get two outlets for about $60. That’s on the cheap side for a smart outlet; Belkin’s WeMo is going for around $50, though it’s not limited to a 33-foot range. Nyrius hopes to ship by May, but that might be a bit ambitious, considering there’s still a bit of testing to do.