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The Olfinity will help us gauge, clean, and augment the air that we breathe

olfinity smart air system
Ambient scenting is all the rage in retail these days but a new company with deep roots in environmental science wants to clean up the air at home. At CES 2018, global startup Evergreenland launched Olfinity, a smart air system that combines air quality assessment, air purification, and cleaning and controlled aromatherapy.

It’s the first product from the company’s original idea to develop an ecosystem to contribute to well-being in indoor environments.

“We know that this system will disrupt the heath and wellness industry and most importantly empower people to take control of their life indoors,” Evergreenland co-founder Olivier Partrat said in a statement. “Our mission is to raise awareness and help consumers understand that they can control the air they breathe in an indoor environment and create the conditions to optimize an aromatherapy session when desired.”

It’s a complex technology for being fairly compact, spread across three distinctive devices, each with its own dedicated function. First, the air monitor assesses the air quality in real time, looking for VOCs (volatile organic compounds), as well as particulate matter in varying quantities, while measuring temperature and humidity. The compact, lightweight unit can be used indoors or outdoors and is equipped with four hours of battery life. Data from the air monitor is displayed on the device itself but it also broadcast to the Olfinity app and its dedicated server.

The next unit, the air purifier, cleans indoor air pollution levels when VOCs and particulates are above set-safety standards based on international norms such as those set by the World Health Organization.

The final device connected to the Olfinity app is the aromatherapy diffuser, which provides an aromatherapy session, dispersed via controlled duration and dose. Currently, the device can employ up to five blends of essential oils, which are formulated in France with organic essential oils. It uses what the company calls a “dry diffusion-patented technology” to disperse the scent within a purified air quality. The use of essential oils dates back to ancient civilizations including the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans, who used them in cosmetics, perfumes, and other aesthetic purposes.

Finally, the gateway allows users to access each device remotely via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 5 as well as to monitor air quality, track air purification, and program pre-set aromatherapy sessions.

Pricing isn’t confirmed yet but reports from CES estimate the Olfinity package to retail for approximately $1,200.

The Olfinity product is the result of more than 30 years of scientific exploration by Partrat and his partners. Having lived in Beijing, Shangai, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Evergreenland team witnessed first-hand the rise of pollution over decades and the subsequent ill effects on people’s health. Its entry into the market came from the purchase of a French natural mosquito repellent technology called “Para’Kito,” and operations have since expanded into Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

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