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Airthings View Plus monitors air for particulate matter invisible to the eye

What’s the air quality like in your home? The majority of people have spent more time indoors over the past year than ever before. Without an air purifier or opened windows, the air in a home can quickly grow stale. Airthings is already one of the leading air quality monitors on the market and can help keep track of what kind of air you’re breathing in.

Now, the company has added a particulate matter monitor to the system, a feature that has long been requested by users. The Airthings View Plus will watch for particulate matter as small as PM2.5, or roughly the size of a dust mite, as well as PM1, the size of most bacteria.

Other sensors included with the View Plus wmonitor for radon, carbon dioxide, and other dangerous air pollutants. The display makes the information easy to read at a glance and will give you an idea of whether the air inside your home is safe to breathe or if you ought to open a window. According to the World Health Organization, 90% of people breath unsafe air on a regular basis.

Everything from pet dander to the particulates released by wood-burning stoves can impact the air quality in the home. Even today’s robot vacuums could be contributing to lower air quality at home. For most people, a few airborne particles isn’t a problem — but someone who suffers from asthma or another respiratory problem is much more susceptible. Studies also show that persistent low air quality can lead to long-term health problems such as coronary artery disease.

The Airthings View Plus will be available in two different forms. The first is intended for use in residential homes, while the second version is for use in businesses and commercial spaces. The commercial version of the product will contain all of the sensors as the standard version, but also features noise and light sensors, occupancy data, and a Virus Risk Indicator.

Airthings View Plus is available for pre-order starting today on for $300, although customers can receive a 10% discount if they order before the end of March. The product is scheduled to begin shipping this June.

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