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Would you really spend $220 on Oral-B’s new A.I.-powered smart toothbrush?

Brushing your teeth is one of the most important things you do every day. There’s nothing like cleaning the gunk off your teeth after a long night of particularly deep sleep, but studies indicate that many people don’t use proper technique when it comes to brushing. If you don’t brush long enough or skimp on certain areas, it can cause serious problems down the line. Oral-B’s new Geniux X electric toothbrush can help combat negligent oral hygiene with the help of onboard A.I.

It sounds complicated, but its operation is simple. The toothbrush connects to your phone via Bluetooth and activates a timer when you start brushing. It reminds you when to change positions and suggests where you should brush next. An array of sensors warn you if you’re using too much pressure and then awards an overall rating for how well you brushed.

All useful features, right? The question is whether the Genius X toothbrush earns its $220 price point. Competing toothbrushes run the gamut of prices, but few come anywhere close to $200. Even the Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 set, which combines both an electric toothbrush and a water flosser, only costs $100. If you’re just trying to improve your oral hygiene or simplify the process of brushing your teeth, a high-quality electric toothbrush can be had for as little as $40.

The Oral-B Genius X electric toothbrush’s A.I. features set it apart, but those aren’t the things that make it notable. It combines three different types of movement to effectively clean your teeth: Oscillating, rotating, and pulsating. The data gathered from the brush is also used to further enhance the A.I. so that it provides better suggestions as it learns from users around the globe.

The Oral-B Genius X is a fascinating look at the direction electric toothbrushes are headed. That said, it’s high price point makes it prohibitive to a lot of people, especially when there are so many other options — including several Oral-B-branded electric toothbrushes — for far less money. If you want the newest, most-cutting-edge device, check it out, but know that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great electric toothbrush.

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