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This quarter-sized device is actually a bottle opener

pico the micro bottle opener is size of a quarter
As technology continues to get smaller, it’s only natural that our most-used gadgets have started to shrink, too. PiCO, a micro bottle opener, is a prime example.

PiCO, made of titanium, is the smallest bottle opener on the market, according to its creators at Pangea Designs. The gadget has reeled in more than $96,000 on Kickstarter as of April 10, surpassing its $3,000 goal. With about 4,500 backers, it’s safe to say that there is a high demand for a bottle opener that easily fits into your pocket.

“The inspiration for the PiCO came from a desire to utilize otherwise wasted material that remains between other titanium products we make,” PiCO’s creators write on its Kickstarter page. “Even at such a tiny scale however, we found that the PiCO is a surprisingly effective bottle opener!”

PiCO is smaller than the U.S. quarter, and it “virtually disappears” on your keychain when it’s not in use. It works by using a split ring for leverage – users place a thumb on the opposite side of the cap to easily lift it off. Pangea Designs admits that it may not be as efficient as a standard bottle opener, but it does the trick. Furthermore, it’s hard to argue with its small size.

The creators claim that the money raised from the Kickstarter page will be used for manufacturing processes, such as laser cutting and finishing. The bottle openers themselves will go into production shortly after the fundraiser ends in April. Pangea Designs expects deliveries to make it out to customers by late May or early June 2015.

The company makes a wide range of bottle openers, including others that are meant to provide convenience through their small size. Pangea Designs was initially launched in 2012 with a minimalistic bottle opener called “The Pickpocket,” which hooks onto your pocket but is definitely bigger than a quarter.

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