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Have cats who love cardboard boxes? Then check out this DIY cat playground

poopy cats blocks are cardboard cat playgrounds tower
If you’ve always wanted a cat compound but fear your landlord’s reaction to an elevated pathway that cuts through walls, you might want to check out Blocks by Poopy Cat.

The maker of disposable, biodegradable litter boxes just wrapped up its latest project on Kickstarter. The less adorably named product is called Blocks; it’s a do-it-yourself construction kit containing all the elements you need to build a cardboard playground for your furry friend. Each kit comes with two beams, two cubes, a tunnel, a bridge, a slide, and two types of connectors. Its modular construction and variety of connection slots give you lots of options when creating the kitty sanctum.

Because you’re assembling it yourself and choosing which openings to press out and leave intact, you can test different structures and see which one Mr. Fluffypants likes the best. The cutouts range from 20 centimeters to 12, and the company says cats all the way up to Ragdoll-sized varieties will fit in the 9.8-inch cubes.

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Any cat owner knows there’s something about cardboard boxes that felines can’t resist. While it may not seem like the most durable choice for a cat playhouse, Poopy Cat’s Blocks castle has lasted through three months of kitty occupation, according to the Kickstarter page. Like the company’s litter boxes, Blocks are biodegradable and are made of recycled material.

Poopy Cat Blocks BoxThe Kickstarter campaign came to a close recently, and thus far that was the only way to purchase Blocks. A starter package was priced at €40 (about $46), though the Amsterdam-based Poopy Cat says shipping outside the EU is extremely pricey. They hope to get the cost of shipping down after delivering the Kickstarter funders’ Blocks.

For now, you can always take a cue from Martha Stewart and DIY a cat house yourself.

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