Rise and shine in style with the Elevator Bed

rise shine style elevator bed

All you jokers who think you rule the roost with your hide-a-bed sofas and murphy beds – peep game on the latest, greatest, most gangster mattress technology yet. Introducing the Elevator Bed.

Designed by Italian furniture manufacturer Espace Loggia (which roughly translated means space logic, ya dig?) the Elevator Bed incorporates a cleverly-engineered counterweight system that allows it to be raised up to the ceiling without ripping your wall down in the process. And by some miraculous manipulation of physics, the entire apparatus can be raised and lowered without the help of motors. It’s all done by hand. This non-motorized design lends itself to a relatively simple installation process, but also means the bed can’t be lifted while you’re lying on it, which is kind of a bummer.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 8.40.43 AMThe beds come in a variety of different sizes, too. Espace Loggia offers ones designed for kids all the way up to adults, so no matter if you’re rocking a twin, full, or queen, they’ve got you covered. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t currently sell a king-sized model yet. But in all fairness, if you’re too tall for a queen, you probably won’t want this thing anyway – it’d just take up all your precious head space when you stand up.

The design is also adaptable to your apartment or residence’s ceiling height, so if you really wanted to, you could set this badboy up to scale two stories – although it’d likely be a pain to get down after you put it up there.

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