Roberu Gun Holder camera case is made for the cowboy in you

roberu gun holder camera case

Since the verb “to shoot” can be used interchangeably with the idea of firing a gun and snapping a photo, it would only make perfect sense for a camera bag to embody the connection between the two objects. With the stylish Roberu Gun Holder leather case, you can access your camera like a gun holster and shoot away whenever a opportunity arises.

roberu gun holder camera caseDesigned to fit naturally around the waist, Roberu designer explains that the soft case is best for those who like to take photos at a moment’s notice. This way, if you run into something interesting, you will never miss a moment — “an emergency,” as the designer would describe. The case will fit most mirrorless DSLR cameras, including the Olympus PEN line, Sony NEX, Lumix GF1, and Nikon J1. The length of the belt fits up to a size 38-inch waist, but you can notify Roberu if you need a longer strap since each order is tailor made.

roberu gun holder camera case finger strapThe Roberu Gun Holder case is available through the Japanese retailer directly. The product comes in three naturally-dyed cow hide leather: camel, black, and dark brown. A leather finger strap is also available if you want to really make sure the camera doesn’t fall to the ground during quick shoots, and the idea is quite reminiscent of a gun trigger.

There’s a price to pay to feel like a badass photographer slash cowboy, of course, at 18,900 yen, or approximately $242 USD, per set. If you want just the camera case without the belt, the price knocks down to 11,550 yen, or about $148 USD… but where’s the fun in that? Nothing like a good ol’ photography standoff with gun holster cases to get the intensity level right.