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Samsung JetBot 90 A.I.+ is a mini tank-like robot vacuum with a camera

CES is a time for companies to announce the latest and greatest technology, and Samsung is making the most of it with the launch of the Samsung JetBot 90, a miniature tank-like robot vacuum, and the Bespoke Cube Air Purifier.

The Samsung JetBot 90 sets itself apart from many other robot vacs on the market in several different ways, but one of the most impressive is the combination of lidar technology, objection recognition features, and a camera. This gives the Samsung JetBot 90 A.I.+ an almost unparalleled ability to navigate your home and avoid obstacles, even those as small as your phone’s charging cable. And it looks like a miniature tank running around your home!

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The JetBot 90 A.I.+ scans the room and plans its route to provide the most efficient cleaning possible. This means you won’t spend hours waiting for the robot vac to finish its job — it will work more quickly than most of its competitors, thanks to its unique technology. It pairs with the Samsung SmartThings app and gives you the ability to set no-go zones, schedule cleanings at specific times, and even connect to the on-board camera to monitor your home and your pets while you’re away.

Thanks to its ability to dodge obstacles and even plan around them, the Samsung JetBot 90 A.I.+ will spend more time cleaning and less time calling for you to free it from a tangle of cables or from a “cliff” — which is usually a bumpy spot on the floor. Like other robot vacuums, the JetBot 90 A.I.+ will return to its dock when it needs to charge and can resume its cleaning once it is powered up.

The other product Samsung announced is the Bespoke Cube, a small air purifier with a mid-century style. The Cube uses a three-stage purification system to keep the air in your home free of chemicals, dust, and allergens, all while using Samsung’s patented Wind-Free purification. This feature keeps the Cube quiet and doesn’t cause a cold draft while in use. Filtration is activated automatically thanks to built-in sensors, but you can also control it through voice assistants or the SmartThings app. The Cube’s front panels come in four different colors so you can choose the style that best suits your home.

These two announcements certainly help to expand Samsung’s small appliance lineup, but pricing and availability have yet to be announced. At the very least, we’ll see them sometime this year. If you’re interested in more of what to expect from CES 2021, stay tuned.

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