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Eufy slips twin-turbine tech into its RoboVac L80 robot vacuum

Eufy introduced a pair of new vacuums that place an emphasis on suction power at the all-virtual CES 2021 event this morning.

First up is the Eufy RoboVac L80 laser navigation robotic vacuum cleaner, which is aimed at being a serious player in the robot vacuum market  this year. This vacuum brings laser navigation and infrared sensors to your carpet. Cleaning modes include spot cleaning, single-room navigation, zone cleaning, and an auto mode.

One of the more impressive technologies built into the vacuum is found in the twin turbines that provide 2,000 pascals of suction each. That’s an 80% increase in airflow over previous models. Combine that with the smart navigation modes, and this marks a great advance in Eufy’s robot vacuum offerings. Its design and incorporation of the twin turbines also makes it a looker among robot vacs on the market right now.

We recently reviewed the Eufy RoboVac G30 Hybrid, and the L80 addresses one of our primary concerns. Notably, the G30 ships with magnetic tape you use to block off rooms or areas to not clean.  The L80 does this with real-time multifloor mapping, and the app allows you to designate areas that are off limits. It’s a much more refined solution than magnetic tape.

The Eufy L80 comes in two variants — the L80 and the L80 Hybrid, which also features mopping capabilities. Both run at around 60 decibels. Both are a full centimeter taller than the Eufy G30 Hybrid, which may impact the vacuums’ ability to get under couches, kickplates and the like, but we’ll save that for our full review once we get out hands on these models. Overall, this is a great upgrade from the G30, providing more intelligent navigation and more powerful suction. 

Eufy also took the wraps off another smart lock device, the Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch, a slight variant of the original that was announced last year. It’s essentially the same model with a fingerprint reader, security code, app, and traditional key access, but now it features Wi-Fi for true remote access when you’re away from your home’s network. This now allows it to work with Google Assistant properly, and offers aut0lock, Bluetooth unlocking, and a full year of use on a single set of batteries. 

The new version of the Eufy Smart Lock Touch will release sometime in February with a $250 price point, while the Eufy RoboVac L80 is slated for a June release. Pricing for the robot vacuum has yet to be finalized.

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