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Twinkly expands its dazzling smart light lineup with bendable lights and more

Twinkly has dominated the holiday smart light market for several years, but now the company has announced smart lights intended for year-round use at CES 2021. We’re certainly excited for this new endeavor considering how dazzling its lights are versus those of its competitors.

The new lineup primarily includes indoor lights that work great for mood lighting and can be controlled through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Twinkly is following the pattern of companies like Philips Hue and LIFX of creating an atmosphere through lighting.

Leading the new lineup is the Twinkly Line. This is a long, straight LED strip light that fits well in corners or above a door frame. The Twinkly Line runs on Twinkly Technology and can be controlled via the app, as well as through smart assistants. The Twinkly Line is expected to be available in the second quarter of of 2021.

The next item is the Twinkly Flex, a flexible light tube that can be bent and shaped into whatever pattern you want. If you want to write your name on the wall in lights, just spend a bit of time tweaking it. You can also bend the lights into the shape of a tree, a heart, or anything else you can envision. The Twinkly Flex can be set to be a different color at different points along the light tube, so you aren’t stuck with just a single color option for your decor.

There are 200 RGB LEDs within the Twinkly Flex tube that allow you to customize the lights for game rooms, holidays, and much more. Like the Twinkly Line, the Twinkly Flex is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2021.

The last item in the lineup is the Twinkly Square. This is a product that combines LED technology with interior decoration to create totally user-driven decor. For example, you can align multiple Twinkly Squares together and then display a light-based Mona Lisa within the frame. You can also show off video game characters, pixel art, and more. The Twinkly Squares will be available in bundles of 9 or 16 panels sometime in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The Twinkly Squares can be used while gaming to further immerse the player, and Twinkly says the lights can even be used for DJ set lighting. In addition to working with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, Twinkly lights can be controlled through Razer Chroma to give users broader control over colors and shades.

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