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Kohler’s 2021 bathroom lineup is all about the touchless experience

There was a focus on personal health and wellness last year, evident by the growing adoption of bidets. Hygiene became more important to many people than it had ever been. Well, it’s no surprise that it’s going to be the same as we draw closer to CES 2021, but there’s certainly more to expect out of the big show. Always the one to make its presence known in the home space, Kohler announced four new products that focus on improving overall wellbeing while reducing the potential for bacteria and germs to spread in the bathroom.

The first of the four products is the Kohler Stillness Bath, a bathing experience that focuses entirely on relaxation. The Stillness Bath was created from the concept of Japanese forest bathing and combines water, light, fog, and aroma into a single unified experience. The Stillness Bath transforms a traditional bathroom into a more spa-like experience to promote relaxation within the home. There will be various configurations of the Kohler Stillness Bath when it launches later this year, ranging from $6,200 to $16,000 for the Infinity Experience Freestanding Bath version.

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The next product is the Innate Intelligent Toilet. Innate is the newest addition to Kohler’s lineup and combines a number of convenient features to provide a more enjoyable and hygienic bathroom experience. The Innate Intelligent Toilet has a heated seat, automatic open and close capabilities, an intuitive remote, and a personal bidet. It’s also designed with Kohler’s ready-lock installation, so do-it-yourselfers can install the toilet on their own without any need for professional help. It is estimated that it will be priced at $3,100 when it becomes available to order in June 2021.

Kohler Numi Toilet and Bidet
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The third product is the Touchless Residential Bathroom Faucet. The concept of a touchless faucet is nothing new to most people, but the devices are not common in the home. By offering hands-free activation, Kohler hopes to promote handwashing without spreading germs. If no one needs to touch the handle, then bacteria cannot move from handle to hand. Kohler also plans to launch a remote puck that allows for existing single-control faucets to be retrofitted to become touchless devices. Pricing has yet to be determined, but this one is looking to launch sometime in December.

Kohler Simplice
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The final announcement from Kohler is actually two products created in partnership with Phyn: The Kohler Whole Home Water Monitor, and a version of the monitor that includes automatic shutoff. The Whole Home Water Monitor is installed under the sink and notifies the homeowner if a leak is detected. If you have the version with automatic shutoff, it turns the water off automatically to prevent damage and mold growth. Pricing starts at $300 for just the monitoring system that has an anticipated release in June — while the automatic shutoff version will sell for $500 in December.

As people spend more time at home than before, Kohler aims to improve the overall bathroom experience. As you can imagine, touchless experiences will be a huge focus with the smart home and it’s a trend we anticipate to see happen this year. Who says you have to go to a spa to get a true spa experience?

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