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Eufy’s new X9 Pro Robovac offers automated mopping and vacuuming for less than $1,000

There’s been no shortage of robot vacuum launches of late, and it seems Eufy isn’t going to miss out on the fun. Following hot on the heels of Ecovacs and Roborock, Eufy is releasing the X9 Pro Robovac on June 29. But unlike the competition, the X9 Pro will offer mopping and vacuuming skills for less than $1,000.

The X9 Pro will be available for just $899, yet offers many of the features found on products that sell for twice its price. This includes 5,500 Pa of suction, the ability to raise its mop a full 12mm when traveling on carpet, and a base station that can clean and dry the robot after each cycle. That’s an impressive list of features, especially when you consider the price tag.

The Eufy X9 Pro moving from carpet to hardwood.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Many of these features are due to the new Hands-Free MopMaster system, which allows the robot to automatically detect the type of surface it’s traveling on and adjust its cleaning methods as necessary. According to Eufy, the X9 Pro is powerful enough to mop up crayon marks, food stains, and everything in-between. It’ll also use Eufy’s AI.See feature to navigate around your home and avoid any obstacles in its path.

If you’re looking to pick up the X9 Pro, you can reserve a unit for $10 today and receive a coupon for $180 when the unit goes on sale later this month.

The X9 Pro Robovac wasn’t the only smart home news revealed by Eufy during its RE Charge event, as the company also announced that the HomeBase 3 is now fully compatible with the Video Doorbell Dual and Video Smart Lock. HomeBase 3 serves as the hub for a variety of Eufy products, and it’s great to see its features expanded to two of the most popular products in the Eufy catalog.

Further HomeBase 3 support is expected to roll out throughout 2023, with more floodlights, indoor cameras, and outdoor cameras gaining compatibility in the coming months. For more details on HomeBase 3 support, check out the official website.

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