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Samsung VU7000 review

Samsung VU7000
Samsung VU7000
MSRP $449.99
“A potent motor, versatile features and slick styling make Samsung’s VU7000 Motion Sync a capable cleaning machine.”
  • Clever, detachable handset
  • Powerful suction – almost too powerful even
  • Clever design makes it very maneuverable
  • Pricey, especially relative to similar Dyson models

Samsung is known mostly for mobile phones and high-def televisions. If you’re a little more familiar with the South Korean company, you might know it also make everything from computer components to ocean tankers, but the brand isn’t the first to pop into your head when you think “I need a new vacuum cleaner.” That’s too bad, because as with its phones and TVs, Samsung vacuums are powerful, handsome products.

Like the VU7000 Motion Sync, for example – a bagless, upright vacuum with a detachable handheld and a clever design that helps it turn on a dime.

On the ball

Look familiar? It did to Dyson, which has been making vacuums that ride on a ball rather than wheels since 2005, and sued Samsung for patent infringement for this design. Samsung later countersued for defamation.

We don’t have the law degrees to determine who walks home with a settlement, but it’s worth pointing out they’re not identical. Samsung’s design uses a pair of inward-tilted wheels on a spherical base that allows the upright portion to tilt at virtually any angle. The turning point of the vacuum sits centered under the wheels, making it easy to predict where the head will go as you steer the vacuum around.

And besides, Samsung wouldn’t be the first to find inspiration in Dyson. Hoover, Oreck, Panasonic and many other companies also offer vacuums with “swivel steering,” which accomplishes the same leaning effect in tight turns.

Another clever, genuinely unique feature is the VU7000’s completely detachable hand vacuum unit for tight spots like windowsills and stairs. Unlike similar models, it has its own its own filter, container and motor. The top handle and a small vacuum unit beneath it disengages with a simple release switch; grab the power cord and pull up and you have a handheld vacuum. The hand unit isn’t perfectly balanced, but it’s not awkward, and doesn’t feel like an afterthought. Its long extension is wrapped in metal, which is a nice touch, one which we wish was more common on this mostly plastic vacuum. That said, all of the plastic latches that keep this guy together are tight and work smoothly out of the box.

More power to you

The VU7000 packs a significant amount of power – a 10-amp motor generating 200 air watts of suction – in its slim, 17.8-pound profile. Dyson’s competing DC65 Animal, however, is slightly lighter and more powerful at 245 air watts and 17.4 pounds.

It grabbed the rug in our bedroom and didn’t want to let go.

The 12.2-inch wide brush at the front does a good job of sweeping as you move. To move the head out of its “lock mode” (which keeps the vacuum upright when unattended), you simply place your foot on the head, and pull the handle down. This is a definite improvement from other vacuum’s method of weak plastic latches, which are prone to bending away from the actual mechanism.

The VU7000 has such strong suction that it can actual present a problem for area rugs – it grabbed the rug in our bedroom and didn’t want to let go. I was impressed by its vigor, but it made it a bit difficult to vacuum that rug in particular. I wish that there had been a “rug mode” that would have dropped the suction to make going over my rugs a little easier.

How loud is it? This is a vacuum cleaner. It is noisy, but not really any louder than any other vacuum. Frankly, I’d be suspicious of one that wasn’t. I think it’s fair to say that the amount of noise correlates to how good a job any vacuum is going to do getting your kid’s ground-up Cheerios out of the rug.

Lovably and livable

Cleaning up the vacuum proves a pretty easy task. The dustbins pop out with relative ease and require a good shake to dump their contents into a garbage can. The filters are removable with fingers and should be rinsed with water if you notice your suction dropping.

Vacuums aren’t necessarily a home appliance we prioritize style in, since they can be (and usually are) wheeled into a closet when not in use, but this one does look nice. We appreciated the small footprint and curves. We tested the “Refined Wine” color — I would’ve called it “Plum” — which is subtle enough to not overwhelm your eyes. Alternately, it comes in bright green or bright orange, or silver if too much color will disrupt your room’s palette.

Samsung VU7000
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Now that I’ve knocked on your door, tipped my hat, poured dirt on your floor and shown you how amazing this marvel of modern house-cleaning technology is, you might wonder how many evenings out you’ll be giving up for this. For its performance, the VU7000 is fairly priced at $450 – not cheap, but still less than Dyson’s $500 DC65 Animal.


Samsung clearly put a lot of thought into how people actually move a vacuum cleaner around with the VU7000 Motion Sync. We don’t love the mostly plastic components, but the detachable hand unit and the tight mobility of this vacuum really make it nice to work with. Overall, a potent motor, versatile features and slick styling make Samsung’s VU7000 Motion Sync a capable cleaning machine for any home.


  • Clever, detachable handset
  • Powerful suction – almost too powerful even
  • Clever design makes it very maneuverable


  • Pricey, especially relative to similar Dyson models

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