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Protect your home with Securifi’s mesh Wi-Fi and smart home combo

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The company known for bringing you secure Wi-Fi now wants to secure your whole home as well. On Tuesday, November 7, smart home firm Securifi, known best for its line of routers and Wi-Fi range extenders, debuted a new product line on Indiegogo. Meet the Almond Guard, a self-arming home security system that claims to be the “world’s most intelligent home security system,” integrated mesh Wi-Fi and a smart home hub.

Thanks to this combination, Almond Guard is said to detect your smartphone’s Wi-Fi, and use this information to determine whether or not it ought to arm your system. That means that even if you forget to set your defenses when you leave the home, the Almond Guard can do so automatically. Similarly, when you return home from a long day, you won’t have to fiddle with a security code or worry about disarming your system with a key fob — the Almond Guard will instantly disarm itself once you walk through the door (provided you’ve got your smartphone in hand).

The combination of Securifi’s smart home capabilities and mesh Wi-Fi claims to provide customers with “better contextual information, allowing it to deliver far superior home security than other systems.” This particular security system is said to be the first to guard not only your home, but also your smartphone, laptop, and other connected devices from digital attacks. The Almond Guard not only features 24/7 professional monitoring, a 105dB siren, a camera integration, and support for up to 100 sensors, but it also has ZigBee built in, IFTTT integration, and supports Alexa voice commands.

The mesh Wi-Fi network allows owners to set parental controls, block devices, and manage connected devices, all while blocking malware, conducting periodic scans, and protecting both smartphones and smart appliances connected to the network.

And thanks to Almond Guard’s built-in battery, even in the case of a power outage, you’ll have monitoring capabilities for up to five hours. The system features a motion-based camera that will record once movement is sensed, but if you want some extra security, you can pair the smart home device with a Nest cam. The company notes that it’s constantly expanding its list of compatible cameras, so no matter which brand you choose, it ought to play nice with this central command system.

You can pre-order the starter Almond Guard package, which comes with the hub, a door and window sensor, and a motion detector, for $150.

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