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The Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist is a smart mirror with Google Home built in

Smart home technology began as a bit of a luxury — after all, a smart light was a nice convenience, not a necessity — but has since become as commonplace in the modern home as a coffee maker — and in fact, there are quite a few smart coffee makers on the market.

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The housewares brand Simplehuman has fully embraced this revolution and implements smart home tech in ways not usually seen, and the company is now launching the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist. This mirror looks deceptively simple: It presents itself as just a desk or counter-top mirror with built-in lighting, but it packs a surprise. The Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist comes with Google Assistant. This means you can listen to music, check the news and traffic, and much more while you get ready in the morning.

The built-in lights simulate natural sunlight, so you’ll have a better idea of how your makeup looks in the real world instead of under harsh fluorescent light. There are other lighting modes to pick from, too. “Nightlight” is what it sounds like: a setting that lets the mirror function as a night light. “Candlelight” provides softer, gentler light in the evening when bright light may not be needed.

These modes are bridged by the “night shift” features. Much like the similarly named feature on the latest model smartphones, “night shift” causes the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist to shift throughout the span of the day to softer light. This helps promote better sleep in the evening, as the warm light doesn’t promote seratonin production in the same way natural light does.

In addition to great lighting and audio, the mirror has Bluetooth capability. Connect your phone to the device and listen to your favorite podcast or audiobook while you get ready in the mornings.

The Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist will be available in the spring. The basic model is $350 without Google Assistant, while the model with Google Assistant built in retails for $400.

Simplehuman’s other products include its Rectangle Sensor Can, a voice-activated trash bin we covered in 2017. Although our initial review noted some sensitivity issues with the Rectangle Sensor Can, a recent update from Simplehuman means the latest models can “adapt” to the environment around them and will learn what constitutes a false open.

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