The genius of Shower Tunes’ curtain for your iPad is that it’s both absurd and practical

shower tunes is a curtain for your ipad

It’s a no-brainer that water and electrics don’t mix, but judging from the many waterproof gizmos available, there seems to be this need for people to bring their digital life into the shower. We recently took a look at Kohler’s showerhead speaker, but wouldn’t it be great if you could add sound and vision to your daily washing-up? An easy solution is the $40 Shower Tunes curtain, a “gadget” (if you can call it that) that lets you access, watch, and listen to content from a tablet while you scrub your fun parts clean.

While the Shower Tunes screams “late-night infomercial,” there’s a simple brilliance to it. A waterproof pouch and battery-powered speakers are sewn into the shower curtain, with an opening on the non-shower side and a transparent film on the other – allowing you to view the your tablet’s screen without getting it wet, while the speakers help drown out your off-key vocals. The pouch is touch-sensitive, so you can do all the things you’d normally do with your finger on your tablet. The speakers are connected to the tablet via a standard audio cable. Naturally, you can put a smartphone in there, and you can take those oh-so important calls without jumping out of the shower, dripping wet.

One of the things its creator didn’t address is the build up of mildew. As everyone knows, mildew is one of the annoying things about shower curtains and liners. Even if you constantly clean your bathroom, mildew will somehow find its way onto a curtain. It’s an easy fix: just chuck it and buy a new $5 liner. But at $40 a pop, we’re not sure if the Shower Tunes is something you want to replace every few months. 

You can find this low-tech home accessory for your high-tech smart device on Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond.

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