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SideChef and AmazonFresh partner to deliver your grocery list

Want to try a new meal kit delivery system that has Amazon’s stamp on it? Cooking app SideChef and online retailer Amazon have joined forces to deliver fresh ingredients to customers around the country.

SideChef users who also have Amazon Prime subscriptions and are subscribed to AmazonFresh can order groceries for more than 5,000 different recipes and have them delivered the same day or the next. The delivered ingredients are customized to help home chefs cook more than 5,000 recipes from SideChef’s collection. The recipe database is extensive, including dishes crafted by celebrity chefs and well-known food bloggers, helping you bring gourmet cooking into your own kitchen.

Using the app, customers can plan their meals ahead of time, eliminating the need to visit grocery stores searching for ingredients. Based on the specific recipes a user is interested in, SideChef and AmazonFresh will then deliver the necessary ingredients to produce those recipes, tweaking how much of each ingredient gets delivered based on how large the household is. The service will likely be especially appealing to those who want to save the trouble of grocery shopping and meal planning every week, serving as a time-saving solution for busy families and urban households.

“We truly believe anyone can cook and learn to conquer the kitchen in compelling and fun ways,” SideChef CEO and founder Kevin Yu said in a statement. “Working together with world-class partners, SideChef is becoming the single destination for home cooks in fulfilling all cooking needs. From culinary inspiration to grocery delivery and meal planning to developing the latest in guided cooking technologies, SideChef is paving new ways in learning to cook for any occasion.”

SideChef is a cooking app that specializes in offering step-by-step recipe navigation, kind of like a GPS. Using hands-free voice commands, the app guides you through the cooking process, from chopping to sautéing to broiling, complete with photos, how-to videos, and built-in timers to keep you on track. The app is free on all iOS and Android devices. In 2017, it won the Google Play Editor’s Pick of “Best Daily Helper App.”

The partnership announcement puts Amazon into the meal kit delivery market, a niche already occupied by such companies as Plated, Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Sun Basket, Purple Carrot, and more. The service will launch in August and all major U.S. cities across the country are eligible to receive delivery through the service.

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