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The Skála Lamp is an elegant light source that you can adjust at will

It can be hard to get excited about a lamp, but when light imitates art, we sit up and pay attention. Such is the case with the Skála, a unique modern desk lamp that is as much of a conversation piece as it is a functional piece of furniture. With its unusual folding and unfolding design, this is one light that you may look at for just a bit too long.

When it’s closed, Skála Lamp is rather innocuous. Resembling a rather artfully designed paperweight, the past-vertical design is still eye-catching, but as the Skála team says, “unassuming.” But when you begin to unfold its many rings, it begins to light up, too. Outfitted with a non-flicker light, its concentric rings can be opened up one after another in a variety of forms, illuminating your space.

Said to be constructed with 76 anodized aluminum parts, the Skála Lamp is assembled by hand, and can take on a variety of different shapes. You can extend all five of the Skála rings, or you can extend just a few various angles. Alternatively, you can also rotate all the rings back to their resting state while keeping the light illuminated, and the lamp becomes more of a nightlight, offering more of a muted glow.

You can either turn the light on using a switch, or dim the lights gradually using touch (though it’s unclear exactly how this works). Also a bit vague is exactly how the Skála Lamp achieves its wireless function. Its Indiegogo page suggests it is by “using metal as both a conductor and an insulator,” but seeing as the lamp is still in prototype stage, we can’t verify these claims. 

That said, even in what we can see from the lamp’s Indiegogo page, the design is a real differentiating factor. In many ways, the Skála is a customizable light source, as you can set each of the rings at various heights and angles. Neutral white light is produced at 400 lumens and this particular color temperature is said to offer an ideal balance of productivity and relaxation.

Early-bird backers on Indiegogo should be able to get a Skála Lamp by March with a pledge of $179, though as with all crowdfunded products, there is never a guarantee of delivery. But if this light makes it to market, it’s sure to be the star of your lamps.

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