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The Sky uses aromatherapy and star projections to lull kids to sleep

ZAQ Sky Kids Essential Oil Diffuser - Worlds First Starry Sky Projection
There’s no peace and quiet in your home until there is peace and quiet in your children’s bedrooms, but now, there may be a way to reach a state of calm for your children more quickly than before. Meet the Sky, a new essential oil diffuser and starry night projector designed specifically with kids in mind. It comes from aromatherapy company Zaq, and promises to soothe your little ones into restful and healthy slumber.

While intended for children, there’s little doubt that adults will also benefit from the Sky. Not only will it help disseminate essential oils throughout your room, but the built-in air purifier and ionizer claims to remove dust, allergens, germs, stale air, and odors. So even if you don’t have kids, this diffuser might do well in a bathroom, your kitchen, or anywhere else where air quality can sometimes be questionable. The Sky also features a humidifier, which promises to fight the drying effects of both heating and air conditioning, so you can benefit all year long.

But the real differentiating factor for the Sky comes in its starry night projection, featuring three unique color scheme options. The projector will throw a plethora of stars on your ceiling, and will gently dim its lights in five stages before fading into darkness. And if you (or your child) are in need of a nightlight, you can also set the Sky to its warm light mode.

“In 2011, aromatherapy was still exotic and basically unknown in our part of the world. It was within this landscape that I launched Zaq,” said Mubashir Shethwala, the cofounder of Zaq. “Over the past six years, I’ve received a ton of requests from parents, asking for a device that could bring the benefits of aromatherapy to their kids. As a father myself, I was excited by the opportunity to make bedtime a healthy, calming experience for both my kids and others around the world. I’m excited to say that Sky achieves just that.”

The Sky is currently available in five colors (orange, pink, blue, black, and white), and can be purchased from the Zaq website for just under $50.

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