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Become the next grilling master with the Steakizmo steak sensor

An Introduction to Steakizmo
Grilling just got easier. Or at least, figuring out when you’re done grilling. Meet the Steakizmo, the new smart gadget with a rather gimmicky name that promises to take the guesswork out of our most primitive cooking techniques. It’s not a meat thermometer, per se — instead, this smart cooking device promises a pierce-less point of view on the doneness of your meat, fish, or whatever else you may have thrown on the grill. Just measure the thickness of your ingredient, then place the sensor on top, and get yourself a reading in a matter of seconds.

“We believe that grilling shouldn’t be complicated,” the Steakizmo team said. “With Steakizmo, you won’t have the awkward wires, probes that put holes in beautiful steaks, or someone else’s dirty fingers touching your dinner.” Instead, you’ll have a sleek little sensor that’s as practical a piece as it is a conversation starter.

The straightforward device features just two buttons — you need to press one to check out the doneness of your steak (as it relates to its thickness), and the other to reset the sensor when you’re finished with one usage. In just moments, Steakizmo will tell you if your steak is blue, rare, medium rare, well done, or anything in between. Apparently, the magic is contingent upon a microprocessor at the end of the device, which uses both the thickness and the perceived resistance of the meat to calculate the level at which it’s been cooked. In essence, the team notes on its Indiegogo page, “We mechanized an age old chef’s method of testing a steak with your fingers to judge the firmness of a steak.”

The entire device is water resistant, whereas the sensor itself (which is to say, the part that touches the meat), is entirely dishwasher safe. And whether you’re grilling outdoors, using a pan on your stove, or finding an entirely novel way of cooking a steak, you can use this sensor to ensure that your meal is cooked to your liking. The Steakizmo is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo, where you can grab the smart sensor for the early bird price of $80. Units are expected to ship in May 2018.

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