Stelton Pure Black kitchen knives sport unique, hygienic black finish

stelton pure black kitchen knives sports unique hygienic finish pureblack

If you are still using the rusty kitchen knives that you stole from your parents’ kitchen after college, it’s about time that you upgrade to something as sleek and useful as Stelton’s Pure Black kitchen set ($TBA). Suitable for a ninja or any regular human out there, the Stelton knives are each forged from a single piece of pure stainless steel. The matte black coating on the knives, other than making them look really cool, is hygienic and makes the knives more grippy than most. Two chef knives are available, as well as a serrated bread knife. Whether you need a simple, high quality set of knives for your kitchen or like the idea of a knife that is designed as well as created, the Stelton Pure Black collection is a good bet.