TapTap makes music-timed Christmas light shows easy

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Are you ready to make your Christmas more festive? Asante’s new smart device TapTap pairs your standard Christmas lights with your favorite music. Without coding or complicated instructions, you can produce your own coordinated light show. This new system takes your decorating to the next level, so get ready to impress everyone with amazing visuals — with very little work on your part, aside from hanging the lights of course.

The setup is so simple a child could master it. Plug your lights into one of TapTap’s six outlets and download the free TapTap application. Once the app is installed, you can choose from the preloaded songs or import your own music. Then you can create the flashing lights by tapping in the application to the beat of the music.

powerCable_whiteThe system will allow you to choose steady lighting or gradient lighting for more customization in your light show. You can connect up to 6 strings of lights and you are able to edit each light strand on a separate channel. Video shows the app having the ability to also map out your lighting setup to have complete control. Currently, the app is only being developed for Android, but there are plans to follow up with an iOS version.

TapTap is designed to be used outside. It has an IP45 classification which means it’s protected from dust and water. It should, however, be protected from direct sunlight and inclement weather including ice and thunderstorms. Users should also ensure that they’re using waterproof extension cords and outdoor lighting fixtures for safety. TapTap connects via a wireless signal. The range is up to 115 feet, making it convenient for all kinds of properties.

The unit is set to start shipping in mid-November. The cost will be between $200 and $250. Be ready to snap one up if you’re planning on having the best house on the block come Christmas.