Want a farm in the backyard? Cannery is an ‘agri-hood’ that isn’t too far from the city

Farm-to-table restaurants can be found in any city with a healthy locavore population, but The Cannery wants to expand that sensibility to every facet of residents life as a “farm-to-table new home community.”

Last month, The Cannery held its grand opening, showing off 14 model homes to visitors and prospective buyers. Located in Davis, California, the community will offer a 7.4-acre working farm, parks, bike paths, recreational center, mixed-use buildings for businesses, and 547 homes. There will be community gardens, as well as fruit trees in the yards. It’s basically a planned “agri-hood” that will subsist on its own crops while still only being a mile from downtown Davis.

There are special living spaces for bees, owls, and bats, according to the Sacramento Bee, but it’s not just critters the Cannery hopes to attract; it’s aiming for a diverse mix of people — from seniors to college seniors to young families — in its four differently priced ‘hoods. No matter which you choose, you’ll always be less than 300 feet from a park or bike path.

Built by New Home, houses in the upscale Sage area are between 1,943 to 3,702 square feet, with up to six bedrooms and five bathrooms and price tags of over $1 million. Cottages in Tilton and bungalows in Persimmon start in the $700,000s, while Heirloom’s townhomes are in the mid $400,000s. In 2016, The Cannery will add flats and court homes to two additional neighborhoods. All the houses have solar power, LEDs, tankless water heaters, and electric car chargers. To encourage elderly residents, the homes were designed with aging-at-home in mind.

The Cannery is far from the first argi-hood. With names like Agritopia, Serenbe, and Harvest, they’re cropping up (no pun intended) in Arizona, Georgia, Texas, and beyond.