The Graff Ametis rain shower system is sleek, filled with LED lights, and sure to impress

Graff Ametis Shower

The bathroom is one place in the house where you can decorate it in an understated sexy way. The new line of shower collections from Graff aims to redefine high-end design with home luxury by introducing a steel rain shower with body level sprays, all while looking sleek and chic.

The main attraction of the Ametis collection is the shower fixture itself, which features an incomplete O-shape that can be adjusted to different water settings, from rain to waterfall. Two body sprays are also placed along the shaft for extra cleaning and water pressure. Standing at 63 feet tall, the shower provides a chemotherapy-like session to each of your showers. The complete the bathroom, Ametis also features a curved faucet for the sink so you can envision the water traveling up and around before meeting your hands. 

Graff Ametis Shower“Fluid and sensuous, Ametis guides the water through the gentle curves of the faucet, providing a visual representation of the idea that life is a cycle,” says Ametis designer Davide Oppizzi. 

A ring also surrounds the faucet control, changing in color from blue to red to indicate water temperature. The shower system is made with a steel body that can be finished in chrome, black, or white finishes with matte texture. Check out more pictures of the Tron-esque faucet in our previous coverage of the Graff shower designs.

The shower head also has an LED lighting system to add a relaxing atmosphere, with colors available in white, red, green, and blue. Wonder if we can keep the colors rotating for a disco shower session?

“Pushing the boundaries of design and technology, Ametis provides a glimpse into the future of cutting-edge bathroom design,” said Ziggy Kulig, CEO of Graff.

This futuristic and beautiful shower system will be available later this spring, setting you back $15,000 for the shower and $1,500 for the faucet. Additional costs apply to add LED lighting for the faucet. However, a promotional sale is currently going on for the shower via The Fancy, knocking the price down to nearly a third of the retail at $5,800. With that much money invested in your shower system, your guests will definitely be impressed with the luxury amenities. You just might want to set a shower limit to make sure they don’t stay in there all day.