The new ART speakers from Tivoli look as good as they sound

the new art speakers from tivoli look as good they sound screen shot 2016 10 16 at 8 19 38 pm

If you eat with your eyes first, it stands to reason that your peepers might play an important role in your sense of hearing as well. And if that’s the case, then there’s no better way to satisfy two senses at once than with the new ART by Tivoli. A new set of two Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speakers, the Cube and Orb from Tivoli Audio look as good as they sound.

ART, which stands for Audio Reimagined Together, promises to enhance your home décor while equipping your rooms with high-quality music streaming. Both the Cube and Orb allow you to stream music from servies like Spotify, Deezer, and Tidal by way of an iOS or Android smartphone, and can be controlled by way of a handy companion app. These speakers are capable of performing in mono, stereo, or as a multi-room system, and can be placed (and moved about) in any room.

Both versions of the speaker are encased in a furniture grade wood cabinet that makes them look more like pieces of art than speakers. Available in walnut, black, and white, the Cube and Orb are both finished with a fabric speaker grill, which claims to offer “acoustically transparent qualities.” Moreover, the grill is EU-Ecolabel environmentally friendly.

Designed by Tivoli Audio’s Vice President of Product Development, Paul De Pasquale, who says that the ART by Tivoli is meant to be a “reflection of the company’s creative and collaborative culture … Tivoli Audio has always been known for its attention to beautiful designs, details, and audiophile-worthy products at affordable prices. We wanted to take this philosophy one step further and really blur the lines between home audio and design, creating Audio ART, which compliments one’s home décor and lifestyle through music.”

You can order the Cube from Tivoli for $200, whereas the Orb will set you back $250.