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This couple remodeled their kitchen to look like The Simpsons’

the simpsons kitchen is real in calgary home replica
Danielle Nerman / CBC News
They say opposites attract, but when your significant other shares the same taste as you, it can make redoing the kitchen a whole lot easier. Case in point: Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton, who both love The Simpsons, decided to recreate the purple-cabineted room from the iconic TV show. Just imagine all the waffles they can make there! Mmm, sacrilicious.

The first step was finding curtains that match the corn-cob-covered ones you see hanging in the Simpsons’ window. Andreychuk found a pretty good proxy and sewed the curtains. Next, the couple covered the counters and cabinets with contact paper and did the same with the appliances, while they save up to buy a bright-green range and fridge.

“The Simpsons for me is actually a baby blanket,” Hamilton told CBC News. “If I’m not feeling very well, if I’m depressed, if I have a bad day — I come home and pop The Simpsons on and I’m 10-years-old [again] and everything is alright.”

Once they have this project locked down, Hamilton and Andreychuk may not stop there. They’ve joked about recreating Moe’s Tavern in the basement.

This isn’t the first real-life Simpsons house that’s ever existed. Back in 1997, Kaufman and Broad Home Construction built a 2,200-square-foot, four-bedroom replica as part of a sweepstakes from FOX and Pepsi. After viewing 100 episodes of the show, designers looked at 7,200 color swatches to match interior and exterior, finally settling on 25 choices, including Power Orange, Generator Green, Jazz Age Coral, and Pink Flamingo (which was the style at the time).

The home was stocked with detailed props, including Maggie’s high chair, a crooked sailboat painting, and a phone that occasionally requires a dialing wand. The doorways were made extra wide and tall for Homer’s girth and Marge’s hair.

But, Boo-urns! The winner of the sweepstakes chose to take a cash prize instead, and the home was repainted, the Duff cans were removed, and the home was resold in 2001.

See more pictures of the kitchen at CBC News, and check out pictures of the replica Simpsons house at The Mirror.

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