The Walking Table makes moving more interesting

the walking table makes moving more interesting

Sure, the table above looks somewhat normal except for the absurd number of legs and bolts. Until you watch the video and.. it walks! Sort of.

The Walking Table by German designer and engineer Wouter Scheublin sits somewhere between totally awesome and things-that-should-not-be. When pushed, the legs begin to move and walk the table across the ground in an almost spider-like fashion. Scheublin says that it intentionally mimics a natural walking motion. Scheublin’s goal with the Walking Table is to “[perplex] our perception of the ordinarily static piece of furniture.”

The Walking Table isn’t listed for sale, but Scheublin’s studio did produce a series of eight in walnut, so the well-heeled buyer may have some luck hunting one down.

Of course, if the Walking Table isn’t weird enough for you, check out the even crazier Walking Bookcase.