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The PicoBrew MultiBrew makes beer, coffee, tea, kombucha, and much more

No one will argue that coffee time is one of the best times of the day. The only way coffee could be better is if someone, somehow, reduced the effort required to get a piping-hot cup. PicoBrew brings that to the table (or the countertop) with the PicoBrew MultiBrew, hailed as “the world’s first countertop brew computer.” The PicoBrew MultiBrew is capable of everything its previous iterations offered, with the added bonuses of brewing coffee in addition to other beverages.

The MultiBrew can make a single cup of coffee or a full carafe. It can also brew tea, beer, kombucha, and even more complicated drinks like horchata. Dedicated coffee drinkers know the key to an excellent cup of coffee is the temperature — no one likes burnt coffee, and certain types of beans require different temperature levels to achieve the perfect flavor. The PicoBrew MultiBrew lets users set customizable “brewing programs” for each type of coffee so that you never over-heat your specialty Kenyan coffee beans. These programs extend to water temperatures for other types of brews, like a pour-over coffee.

The Picobrew MultiBrew lets users brew their coffee of choice with their own beans, but the company also offers pre-packaged ingredients in environmentally friendly packs called PicoPaks from the BrewMarketplace. PicoPaks are available for more than just coffee, too — you can purchase packs for beer brewing that include all the ingredients you need to make your own microbrew in the comfort of your home.

The device is designed to fit into any home decor style, with black and stainless steel accents offsetting a full-color screen. A dial makes it easy to navigate the various menus. It is also a smaller appliance than you might think, which makes it a great fit even for small apartments. The new additions to the PicoBrew MultiBrew make it more versatile than prior models, and the coffee functionality means it has a place in day-to-day use, rather than only on special occasions.

The PicoBrew MultiBrew will be available for pre-order in the fall. Until then, PicoBrew is asking for feedback from its customers. The company is seeking to discover what drinks customers are interested in brewing, and is asking customers to visit the MultiBrew website and submit ideas and feedback.

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