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These beautiful new refrigerators from Thermador are sleek and functional

Keeping food fresh has never looked as fresh as it does with Thermador’s new line of refrigerators. The California-based company has just refreshed its refrigeration collection and debuted its largest capacity models to date — 36-inch single-door refrigerator and freezer columns.

Promising a host of modern technology, including TFT control displays, the ThermaFresh System, and FreeFlow Cold Air System to help you manage the temperature of your fridge for maximum preservation, these new columns promise to be as functional as they are attractive.

All the new refrigerators, freezers, and wine coolers feature a slew of user-friendly attributes, like Open Door Assist, which makes use of Auto Door Opening tech to get rid of handles altogether, and instead require only a push or pull. Thanks to Delicate Produce Bins, which are easily and fully removable, you can adjust the interior of your fridge or freezer as needed to store fresh fruits and vegetables.

Thanks to Theater Lighting throughout the columns, you’ll be able to see all the ingredients you’ve stored so you don’t have to worry that you’ll forget about the existence of that soup you made at the beginning of the week. And thanks to the FreeFlow Cold Air System, you can ensure that items you keep on door shelves will be kept cold, even if you open and close your fridge frequently, by adjusting the temperature of the doors to match that of the interior.

“With the new Freedom Collection, Thermador has thought of everything a luxury homeowner and ultimate entertainer desires in refrigeration — from incredible interior personalization options, to eye-catching design details,” said Beatriz Sandoval, director of brand marketing for Thermador. “The new generation of Thermador refrigeration also takes customization to unimagined heights, transcending the boundaries of traditional refrigerator/freezer combinations and transforming every column into a statement piece. From customized configuration of storage bins and shelves, to artfully crafted custom paneling that blends in with any kitchen design, the new columns deliver the utmost in style and innovation.”

While the Thermador brand has been around for more than a century, these new products are nothing but 21st-century. With their sleek design and elegant aesthetic, this is one fridge whose exterior you might like as much as its interior.

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