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TopBrewer: the ultra-minimalist coffee tap

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If your kitchen counter is clogged up with an army of appliances, but you’d rather rock a minimalist aesthetic, check out this super slick coffee tap from Scanomat.

We’ve seen our fair share of minimalist coffee makers, but this one takes the cake. Instead of assaulting your eyeballs with a scattered mess of brewing gizmos on your countertop, the TopBrewer hides all of its machinery underneath the surface, like an iceberg filled with caffeine. The only part that’s visible above the counter is a single tap that arcs upward, and a small grill to catch spillovers.

You wont find any knobs or buttons up top either, as the entire apparatus is controlled remotely from an iPhone or iPad (Android is not supported yet). Using the TopBrewer mobile app, you can order up practically any drink imaginable – lattes, cappuccinos, machiattos, a regular cup of joe, or even just a cup of hot water for tea. Once you tell the machine topbrewerwhat you’d like to drink, it starts the process from scratch – grinds and tamps the beans, flash heats the water, and even froths the milk – before pumping it up to your cup. According to Scanomat, the whole process takes less than a 45 seconds no matter what you order.

Of course, in order to make this all possible, TopBrewer is powered by a hulking mass of machinery down below. Under the hood, TopBrewer sports a small refrigerator, bean chambers, multiple heating units, a pair of high-speed grinders, a brewing chamber, tamping mechanism, and a powerful pump. It also includes a self-cleaning system that flushes the pipe every so often and keeps it in pristine condition.

Judging from Scanomat’s website, it seems that TopBrewer systems are targeted more toward small business owners than individual consumers, but there’s no reason you couldn’t have one installed in your home. Sure, you’ll need to fork over $11,000 bucks to get one, but just think of all the money you’ll save on Starbucks. 

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