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What is a smart coffee maker?

Whether you’re someone who relies on coffee to wake up in the morning or you just love exploring the taste and history of the beverage, the right coffee maker has a huge impact on your experience.

What is a smart coffee maker?

A smart Mr. Coffee machine with app.

The basic definition of a smart coffee maker is one you can control through a mobile app or a smart assistant, or one that is connected to the internet to enable additional features. These features may include:

Custom serving sizes: You don’t always want a full carafe. Sometimes you just need a single cup of coffee. Smart coffee makers let you choose the exact serving size — whether you need to fill a single cup or a travel mug.

Reordering supplies: Some smart coffee makers allow users to re-order coffee, filters, and K-cups straight through the app. These apps also remember the last order you made and remind you when coffee supplies might be low.

Energy saving: Many smart coffee makers include an “energy saving” feature that reduces the amount of electricity used by the appliance to brew coffee. Others offer a sort of energy monitor that lets you know exactly how much energy the coffee maker uses.

Different types of coffee: Some smart coffee makers go beyond a basic drip brew to serve hot and iced coffee, lattes, espresso, and more. Coffee makers capable of making more than one kind of coffee tend to carry a higher price tag.

Built-in accessories: A final addition to many smart coffee makers is the inclusion of accessories like a grinder or a milk frother. These tools allow you to better customize your coffee to a finer grind or to make espresso or latte toppings.

Is there a coffee maker that works with an app?

Almost every smart coffee maker on the market has its own dedicated app that you can use to customize settings, schedule brew times, and even look up specific coffee recipes. Many apps are educational in nature and can help you understand the difference between an Americano and a cafe con leche.

One of the most prominent apps is the Keurig app. You can use it to fine-tune your coffee, shop for more K-Cups, and even sign up for automatic delivery when you start to run low.

Can Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa make coffee?

Both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can be used to brew coffee, provided they are connected to a compatible smart coffee maker.

Google Assistant is more limited in the number of smart coffee makers that work with it, versus the number that work with Alexa. The main smart coffee maker that is Google Assistant-compatible is Atomi Smart Coffee Maker. There are other, third-party options that are lesser-known that also work.

What is the best smart coffee maker?

There is no “best” smart coffee maker. Everyone’s preferences and needs vary, but we have compiled a list of the best coffee makers available to give you an idea of what’s out there. Smart coffee makers add more convenience to your day-to-day life and allow you to schedule exactly when you want your morning coffee, as well as fine-tune how it should be brewed.

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