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TP-Link enters U.S. smart home market with salvo of devices

TP-Link’s smart home brand Tapo is making the leap to U.S. shores at CES 2022. They’re doing this with a handful of security cameras, smart plugs, smart sensors, and smart light bulbs.

The Tapo C720 floodlight security camera on a white background.

The Tapo C220 Pan and Tilt Camera offers 360 degrees of 2K streaming footage capable of person, vehicle, and pet detection. It comes with a physical lens cover for added privacy. Meanwhile, the Tapo C720 Floodlight Camera (pictured above) is designed for the outdoors with a 140-degree viewing angle and a 2500-lumen floodlight.  The Tapo C320WS is also built for outdoor use, including its own spotlight and a siren function. The Tapo C410S2 Outdoor Security WiFi Camera is the last of their trio of outdoor security cameras, hinging primarily on a wire-free design and power-conscious battery.

Tapo L535 light bulb on a white background.

Going back inside, the P125 Mini Smart Plug is on offer. It’s got a familiar low-profile design. The S500D Smart Dimmer Switch gives your light fixtures access to voice control. The Tapo P306 Wall Power Strip provides expanded output between three smart outlets, three always-on outlets, one USB type-C, and two USB-A ports. Tapo is also bringing a HomeKit-compatible light strip to the party. The L930-5 includes music sync across its 150 LEDs. If you want something for a more traditional fixture, there’s the 1100-lumen L535 Multicolor Smart WiFi Light Bulb, which also plays nice with HomeKit. If you need some extra help with control, Tapo has the programmable and wireless S200D Smart Button.

On the security side of things, Tapo has the T1oo Smart Motion Sensor and the T110 Smart Window/Door Sensor. To tie it all together, is the H100 Smart IoT Hub, all of which you’ll be able to get together as a bundle.

That’s an awful lot to bring to the table, and it’s a crowded market for these kinds of products, but we’re eager to see how these stack up against the competition.

Though we’re slim on details for pricing and release dates, Tapo says these devices will be made available throughout the year at competitive prices.

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