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Are these adult dorms? WeLive promises a furnished apartment, like-minded neighbors

Some people spend so much time with their co-workers, they might as well start living together. In some sense, that appears to be the thought process behind co-working space WeWork’s new venture, WeLive. Branded as a “new way of living built upon community, flexibility, and a fundamental belief that we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with,” WeLive is meant to challenge your standard apartment setup with “physical spaces that foster meaningful relationships.”

Launching on Monday at 110 Wall Street in New York (the same building in which WeWork’s main co-working office space is located) and at 2221 S. Clark Street in Arlington, Virginia, the 21st-century approach to cohabitation offers studio through four bedroom spaces, which can host up to eight tenants. But all community aspects of the co-living space aside, this is not your average city apartment setup. Each WeLive space comes with furniture, bedding, and kitchen supplies, and for an extra $150 a month, you can also tack on a monthly cleaning service, high-speed Internet, and Verizon cable. Plus, you can move out anytime you want, all without having to break your lease. That said, with prices starting at $1,375 a month for a shared studio, this may not be the best choice for those truly on a budget.

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But the main draw of the living situation, WeLive suggests, lies in the power of the people. While most city dwellers aren’t the closest with their neighbors (despite being separated by little more than a thin wall), WeLive hosts community events like happy hours, karaoke sessions, and all the other activities you’d imagine a startup (and its employees) would enjoy.

And really, that looks to be the target demographic of WeWork’s new living enterprise. The amenities practically scream Silicon Alley, with yoga and Barre classes offered on a daily basis, SmartWater- and San Pellegrino-stocked refrigerators, and of course, plenty of beer. And with an aesthetic that Forbes described as “a blend of ‘reformed bro’ meets ‘upscale Ikea,’” you might as well be living in your startup office (and if your startup office also happens to be in the WeWork building, you basically are).

So if you’re looking for a new place to call home and don’t want to pay a broker’s fee (but are willing to shell out quite a bit in terms of price per square footage), you may want to check out this community-centric option.

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