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Wi-Fi doorbell DoorBot boasts new features so you can continue checking for stalkers

DoorBot new update

Whether you’re being lazy, avoiding pesky neighbors, or just are physically unable to walk to the door when you hear the bell rings, the DoorBot is here for the rescue. The crowdfunded device combines video surveillance with a doorbell so whenever someone arrives at the door, you can use your smartphone to see exactly who’s on the other side.

Those who live in modern apartment buildings may recognize a device similar to the DoorBot. It’s essentially like a video intercom, except it can send the feed directly to your mobile device instead of making you walk to the receiving station. You can also use the DoorBot app to communicate with the person at the door to let them know you’re on the way (or tell them to hit the road, depending on your mood). The machine is all-weather and contains night vision, allowing you to optionally watch as your overly-obsessed ex-boyfriend is stranded in the rain, begging to get back together.

If the person at the door is someone you’re expecting, however, you’ve got two options. Either you can go open the door as you normally would, or install the Lockitron smart lock to remotely let the person in without ever getting up.

New Doorbot sizeSince its last mention back when the device was still crowdfunding on Christie Street, DoorBot has received a few spec upgrades. Instead of running on AA batteries like the creators initially teased, the device now uses a rechargeable battery that is expected to last approximately one year with regular use. It comes with sturdy faceplate and mount to prevent theft, so much so that the company promises to replace your DoorBot if someone manages to rip it out from your walls. The design is also 33 percent smaller than the original prototype, minimizing space and drawing less attention to the obvious.

When you’re not using DoorBot to check the front door, the device can also be placed around the house to act as security cameras in each room. This way, when you’re out traveling, you can remotely check on the live feed to see if anything unusual has happened. The idea share similar themes to other crowdfunded devices on the market, such as the Canary home security system. While it’s easier and sleeker to install DoorBot in each room, DoorBot won’t alert you if it senses abnormal movements from within. You can’t have it all… at least not yet. Perhaps this is something DoorBot can add in as an additional feature in the future.

DoorBot is available on pre-order at $200, and is estimated to ship this September. You can also purchase DoorBot with the integrated Lockitron for a $350 bundle.

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