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Build your dream workstation with this smart modular desk concept

Deskbloks - World’s first modular desk
You only have to consider the amount of time we spend at them, and the different ways in which we decorate their surfaces, to realize that desks are immensely personal things.

The team behind new Indiegogo project Deskbloks know this very well. In fact, they’ve based on an entire company on it — as the manufacturers of what they’re calling the “world’s first modular desk.”

“The idea is that the desks we’re making are made up of connecting blocks,” Deskbloks creator Stjepan Stipo Ćorić told Digital Trends. “You can combine these with other blocks in any way you want, to build a desk that will perfectly suit you.”

Befitting an age of high tech, these modular wooden blocks feature a variety of gadgets and smart ports. For example, one block boasts a built-in USB speaker. Another features a wireless charger. Another includes a 3.5mm headphone jack, which Ćorić gleefully pointed out gives it a degree of functionality even the new iPhone 7 lacks. The resulting desk should be clutter-free, with no distressing cables draping everywhere, since each one is neatly embedded into its own specific block.

“You might start with four regular wooden blocks, then add a block with a built-in charger, and another with a built-in speaker,” he continued. “You can even have your desk in different configurations, since every block can fit to every other. You can choose an L-shaped desk based on your room.” In addition to the shape, users can additionally select the size of their desk — which could be anything from a four-block desk for a small office, all the way up to a 15-block one designed for a conference room.

Nor are Deskblock’s ambitions stopping at the blocks currently available as part of the crowdfunding campaign.

“Right now, we’re working on a block which will have a small, built-in PC inside of it,” Ćorić said. “After the campaign is ended, we’re also going to give people the chance to create their own blocks. People can send us their ideas, and if it’s something we like we’ll start building them to sell. We’ll even give people a percentage of every block we sell that they came up with the idea for.”

It’s certainly a neat idea — and one we hope is as well-executed as it sounds like it has the potential to be. If you want to get hold of a Deskblock of your own, you can pledge the crowdfunding campaign, where any amount above 100 euros ($112) will set you on the path to the modular desk of your dreams!

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