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Control your lights and more using just a Bluetooth connection with Yoswit

Yoswit - Smart Wall Switches
Who says you need to flip a switch to operate it? Certainly not Yoswit, a new smart-home product helping you control your lights with nothing more than a Bluetooth connection. Because in the 21st century, you shouldn’t need to get up to adjust your lighting, right?

The differentiating factor of the Yoswit is its ability to support a switch without a neutral wire. That means that you won’t need to rewire (and as an extension, redecorate) when you switch out your old configuration with your new smart switch. Rather, the Yoswit supports both mesh and remote-controlled switches without depending upon a hub or gateway. Promising an installation time of just a few minutes, turning something smart has never been quite this easy.

Branded as the “first company to launch the Mobile-As-Hub idea,” allowing you to reuse a spare mobile phone or tablet as the central hub for your connected devices, you won’t need an Echo or similar device in order to use Yoswit. Rather, the company uses semiconductor chips in order to build a mesh-like network where quantity actually means quality. “The more devices you have, the longer range can be extended,” the company notes on its Kickstarter page, “We support maximum 64 devices within the network.”

The Bluetooth switches comes in 23 different colors, so no matter your aesthetic or color palette, you’ll be able to decorate your home. Moreover, each and every switch can be controlled directly through your smartphone without the need for pairing. Simply open the Yoswit app and see all the connected switches at once.

And it’s not just lights that the Yoswit can control — it can even be used to support remote control of your curtains, your vents, and even your door locks. With nearly a month left in its campaign, this smart switch has already surpassed its funding goal, and you can pre-order a set of your own starting at $39.

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