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Alcatel’s Pixi 4 Plus Power certainly lives up to its billing with a huge 5,000mAh battery

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Alcatel already has more than a few phones already out in the wild, but that does not mean the company will rest on its laurels for the rest of 2016, since it recently unveiled the Pixi 4 Plus Power.

Positioned as the latest addition to the Pixi 4 family of phones and a tablet, the Pixi 4 Plus Power’s main attraction is its huge 5,000mAh battery, which promises to deliver 22 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 14 hours of video streaming, and five days of non-stop music listening. These numbers are somewhat arbitrary, since most folks use their phones for multiple use-cases, but the bottom line seems to be that the 5,000mAh battery will keep the Pixi 4 Plus Power’s lights on for quite some time.

More impressively, the phone’s battery is so large that it doubles as a portable power bank, allowing you to charge other devices using a Micro USB to Micro USB cable. Finally, when combined with its power-saving mode, the Pixi 4 Plus Power promises to deliver almost three days of use.

It helps the battery when the rest of the phone is best described as non-demanding, and we are looking at a 5.5-inch, 1,280 x 720 resolution display, with an unknown processor and 1GB RAM powering the Pixi 4 Plus Power. As for native storage, 8GB is on deck, with even less actually available to use, but the MicroSD card slot does provide some storage relief.

Elsewhere, a 5-megapixel camera sits on the front, while a 13MP sensor can be found around back. Finally, even though the Pixi 4 Plus Power brings dual-SIM card support, neither slot will support 4G LTE, since the phone tops out at 3G.

There are a few unknowns, however, such as the processor that powers the phone, how much the phone costs, and when it will be available. Regardless, all signs point to the Pixi 4 Plus Power falling squarely in the low- to mid-range, so do not expect to pay anywhere close to an arm and a leg for it.

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